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a novel by Patrick Krejcik

Chaos grips Silicon Valley’s largest venture capital firms as a financial collapse looms. Enter Massimo, a physicist at Stanford’s accelerator lab on Sand Hill Road. Using a formula originally developed for high energy physics for predicting chaos he discovers he can successfully forecast stock market trends. Abruptly, he is swept up in a maelstrom of events as his fledgling startup company is seized in a series of convoluted mergers, involving the largest venture capital firms on Sand Hill Road. Aware of the disturbing applications his formula may be used for, he tries to follow the oblique money trail of his new angel investors, but is utterly unprepared for the gold rush mentality of Silicon Valley Enterprise. Can the physicist match wits with the shrewd VC’s? Massimo’s fatalistic urge to prove his theory for predicting chaos may be his demise as he seeks to expose the mastermind behind the impending banking scandal that dwarfs even the excesses of Wall Street.Sand Hill RGB

available as an ebook for Kindle at

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